Top 5 natural painkillers

When you get any pain, you first go to buy, but it is a bad habit. Painkillers make the body depend on the medicines, and we can’t handle our pain without medicines. All should prefer home remedies which are suggested to us by our elders.

Those home remedies can take a little bit of time but are more effective than the pills. These home remedies heal our pain from the internal body, but the painkillers do not heal us from inside. Pills block our nerves and make us numb and by this means we can’t feel pain.

Natural home remedies

There are many options which can reduce our pain instead of painkillers. Our elders are expert in this way so we should take some guidance from them. This guide will cover a few home remedies which are helpful for us, and those are:

  • Willow bark

The willow bark contains a chemical which is known as salicin, and it works as aspirin in our body. It helps us to heal our pain or helps us to ease inflammation. People can chew the bark to relieve the pain and reduce fever temperature also. We can use willow bark for headaches, back pain, and many other pains also.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a well popular medicine to heal many problems. It can help us to cure indigestion, ulcers, upset stomach and even cancer too. It is very effectual and very much beneficial for the human body. It is used to make vegetables and gives the yellow color to the vegetable. It has a unique flavor. It contains curcumin; it is antioxidant which helps to protect the body.

  • Cloves

Like other homemade remedies, this is also used to heal many conditions. It helps to settle down our pain. It cures a headache, toothaches, and inflammation too. It helps us to cure nausea and cold too. When we stuck in coughing, then it also helps us to feel calm and relaxed.

  • Heat and ice bags

A cold pack heals your headache. It grabs the pain where you feel pain. Applying an ice pack to the swelled area also reduce the swelling. It helps in healing inflammation and stiffness which comes with strains and sprains. A heat pack can heal your menstrual pain too. Heat pack warmed in the microwave, or there are many electronic heat bags also available in the market.

To conclude, these are some home remedies you can use at your home to heal your pain instead of using painkillers.